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Welcome to Bieblio. Bieblio is all about sharing books. Have you finished reading a book, and is it now catching dust on your bookshelf? Please consider giving it a second life and offer your book on this website. You might earn a fair coin for it.

Our concept is simple. Anybody can offer any book for sale, and people with interest in reading a specific book can freely reach out to anybody selling that book. Communication happens via this website as much as possible - we're building convenient chat functionalities for that. Payment and shipping are handled by the buyer and the seller. Also, we don't collect commissions on any of the sales via this platform.

We realize that the typical used book is not fast moving goods. Therefore books offered through this website will remain listed indefinitely. We also realize that people might not want to specify prices as they create set up a listing. Feel free to leave the price empty, and discuss a fair price when an interested buyer reaches out to you.

Generally, books are a bit of a commodity: they're all more or less the same. That's why we strive to make setting up a listing as simple as possible. Ideally, providing an ISBN, the condition of the book, and optionally an asking price, should be enough.