Description: Do you want to learn about Kubernetes to run scalable applications with minimal faults? Then keep reading... What makes this platform one of the most sought-after platforms for developers across the globe? Kubernetes has established itself as one of the leading hosts of cloud-based applications. This open-sourced management system for containers has surged considerably in the past few years and only continues to grow. You could even think of it as one of the biggest success stories in open-source environments. But there is a lot more to it than that. As the world of computing started operating even more over networks in an interconnected manner, we have seen a need for a platform that provides zero downtime and is supported by a large community. And this is where Kubernetes enters the picture. This book will act as your guide to this world, explaining concepts and getting you acclimated to various commands and codes, so you can gain insight into the working of Kubernetes. As you move from one chapter to the next, you will learn: The various concepts of Kubernetes, including containers Understand what DevOps really is and why people use the term DevOps engineer to describe themselves Understand more about Docker and why it is one of the preferred tools for container creation and management How you can work with the storage capabilities of Kubernetes How you manage resources Pro Tips Discover the various security measures that you can use for Kubernetes ...and much more! The more you learn about Kubernetes, the more you begin to understand the vibrant environment that it has and the great benefits that it provides to developers. Over the years, Kubernetes has also metamorphosed into a platform that spurs business ideas and innovation. This has transformed it from a mere platform for developers into a valuable tool for business and large organizations. Even though cloud computing as we know it started more than a decade ago, it has recently begun to pick up its pace. And this is all thanks to applications such as Kubernetes. You are going to learn more about this platform and the awesome potential that it holds for you. Just scroll up, Click on "Buy Now With 1-Click Button" and start to learn NOW!